Photo: Paragon pumpkins, jiu-jitsu, and pumpkin spice lattes.Photo: We'd like to start our day off by again congratulating our students "Christina Jenne" and "Jason Bautista" in their US Open Youth Pankration National Championship victories!!! Both students trained hard in preparation for this event and fought technical and exciting fights; we couldn't be more proud! Also a big thanks to all the instructors, parents, and training partners who helped prepare for this event. Our team is stronger every day because we work together. Paragon #1!!

Photo: My son kicking Lance Glynn's ass.Photo: Another great roll with the "TAKE DOWN MASTER" Gary SantiagoPhoto: Great evening class tonight! John and Lance went over options for escaping the mount and advancing from the bottom. Ossss!!!Photo: When it comes to training and preparation, Paragon SM means bidness!

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